Are you new to the entrepreneurial game or maybe a seasoned solo-preneur for the last decade? Either way, there comes a time when your business growth starts to outpace your humble “one man and a van” setup.

To scale up, you need to find yourself a sidekick. Yes, hiring can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack while riding a roller coaster; thrilling yet nerve-wracking. Have you found yourself caught between the desire to clone yourself and the need to keep your customers happier than a cat on a sunny windowsill?

The question echoes across our industry and other industries alike – “Where do I find good help? And not just any help, I want good people!” It’s a puzzle wrapped in a conundrum, nestled right under the golden arch of opportunity!


Growing your business is a bit like being in a magic show – you need to master the art of replication. No matter what industry, trade, or business you’re in, the secret to growth is finding a mini-you to share the load.

But where do you find this future clone?  Where are all the hard-working, well-spoken, and well-mannered employees hiding?

Every entrepreneur has scratched their head over these questions. The answer is as simple as a magician’s trick. It’s all about taking action!

So here is your step-one action item to start you on your journey to growth and time freedom: 

First, you gotta dust off that old pen and paper and craft a ‘help wanted’ ad that’s more enticing than a rabbit in a magician’s hat. Post it online, in your local newspaper (I promise, they aren’t extinct!), and even in trade magazines. Brace yourself, though; once you’ve done this, prepare for an avalanche of calls and emails faster than you can say “abracadabra”!

What To Look For

Having cast your ‘help wanted’ spell and conjured a flock of potential employees, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and dive into the real work – follow up!

If you’re the kind of business owner who leaves customers so dazzled they need sunglasses, apply that same magic to your potential hires. Treat them like clients – because, let’s face it, they are! Just another set of folks you need to impress with your top-notch service. Remember, as tradespeople, we’re in the business of serving customers and employees alike.

Don’t let their emails gather virtual dust. Ghosting isn’t just frowned upon in dating; it’s a big no-no in business, too. If they’ve taken the time to read your ad, Google your company, and probably stalk your LinkedIn profile, the least you can do is return the favor with a prompt response.

When those fresh voices echo on phone calls, be prepared. Engage them in conversation, delve into their interests, explore their work history, and listen to their responses like a detective on a mission.

Are they as swift as a gazelle with their words? Or do they pepper their speech with more ‘umms,’ ‘uhs,’ and ‘you knows’ than a teenager at a spelling bee?

Is their voice clear, polite, and inspiring, painting a picture of a go-getter? Or do they seem more interested in accruing vacation days than actually working?

Take Action – Make A Decision On Your New Hire!

Finding the right sidekick for your business might not be a love-at-first-interview situation. Be prepared for a few bumps, humps, and even a couple of camels along the way.

I still remember my first hire as if it happened yesterday! After a glowing recommendation and an interview that went smoother than a buttered slide, this eager beaver showed up to work dressed in jean shorts that had seen better days and a white t-shirt with ripped armholes!

And then, there were those who vanished faster than Houdini on the first day itself! No phone call, no email, just a mystery worthy of Sherlock Holmes.

But don’t let these tales of woe deter you from taking action! Decisions need to be made, and they need to be made faster than a rabbit running from a fox. Remember, you’re here to serve – including your new hires. If they’re seeking employment, your job is to get them onboarded quicker than a seasoned sailor. The moment you say yes, have a start date ready and roll out the welcome mat!

If You Are In Need Of More Help Or Tips – We Are Here For You!

Venturing into the caverns of recruitment might initially feel akin to a haunted house ride – thrilling yet spine-chilling. But, when you discover that perfect employee, it’s a jubilation that parallels scoring the job of your dreams.

The secret recipe to expansion? Clone yourself, metaphorically speaking, of course. I’m sure you have a great attitude and work like an industrious beaver. The trick lies in finding those rare gems that shine as bright as you!  

Rinse and repeat this process while gracefully navigating through the speed bumps hiring throws at you.

Congratulations, you’ve now entered the first level of growth!

If this rollercoaster ride of scaling piques your interest, don’t hesitate to drop me a line. With 31 years of window cleaning wisdom under my belt and more business experiences than I ever envisioned, I offer insights that could be the key to unlocking your potential. So, what’s there to lose, and how much is there to gain?


Author: Gabe Salinas