Marketing is essential for the long-term success of your business. But there are rules to the game. So, let’s continue from the last two articles on lead generation and take it a bit further. 

Let’s discuss these rules and how your marketing should be if you are to begin winning the lion’s share of leads in the marketplace you serve. 

Rule 1. There shall always be an OFFER or OFFERS. For example: mails, print, social media, print, inbound calls, etc. Make every communication actually ask somebody to do something. Ideally, an offer that the appropriate prospect or customer – can’t refuse.

Rule 2. There shall always be a REASON to RESPOND NOW. For example: offer ends in 24 hours, offer ends Friday at 5 pm, today only, etc. How? On print adverting, inbound calls, social media posts, etc. The hidden cost and failure in all advertising and marketing with the almost-persuaded, who set it aside to respond later – but later never comes.

Rule 3. There shall always be CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS on how to RESPOND. To call, to email, to text, etc. Confused or uncertain consumers do nothing. And people rarely buy anything of consequence without being asked. Most failures result from giving confusing directions or no direction at all. Don’t be afraid to them what to do.

Rule 4. There shall be TRACKING and MEASUREMENT. For example: Lead count, job count, conversion, ROI, customer job average, etc. We don’t permit ANY advertising, marketing, or selling investments to be made without direct and accurate tracking, measurement, and accountability.

Rule 5. Whatever BRAND-BUILDING occurs will be a happy by-product, NOT BOUGHT. Brand power can be acquired as a no-cost by-product of profitable direct response marketing. Buy response, gratefully accept brand-building as a bonus.

Rule 6. Thou shall NOT do one-step marketing. There shall be FOLLOW-UP. You don’t just pay for the customers you get when you invest in advertising and marketing. You pay a price for every website visit, every call, and every potential walk-in. Doing nothing is flushing money down the toilet. Aggressively follow up! Some will not reach out to you and are WAITING for you to follow up!

Rule 7. There shall be a strong copy – SALES COPY. An enormous, ever-growing, overwhelming competition for attention and interest must be cut through or circumvented. The ordinary and normal are ignored, and the cautious and calm messages go unnoticed. Copy, the words in print and online media, and on the phone have to shout out. It must grab the attention of the reader and convert it to interest. Go after the sale!

Rule 8. In General, It Will Look Like “Mail-Order Advertising”. Mail order marketing included STRONG copy, lead generation offers, irresistible offers to acquire new customers, and follow-up to convert leads. It used a variety of media including print, phone, and mail. Now add email, Facebook, and more. It all works the same way. 

Rule 9. Thou shall NOT care about what friends, family or you think. RESULTS RULE. Period. We are immune to opinion, criticism, or guesswork. If it sells, it’s good. If it doesn’t, it isn’t. If you can’t clearly track money in the bank from something – stop doing it. To be a committed marketer, you must be committed to results. No opinions count – not even yours. Only results will matter.

Rule 10. You Will Be a Tough-Minded Disciplinarian & Keep Your Business on a Strict DIRECT MARKETING Diet! You’ll receive tremendous pressure from your friends, family, ad reps, and employees to STOP using direct response marketing. They will say “it’s ugly”. It doesn’t have to be, but sometimes UGLY wins over PRETTY. They’ll hate being held accountable. You’ll be able to track dollars spent against leads and sales made… this is the game changer!

Good luck! Having trouble with “The Rules”? Call my office and let’s hop on a call: 704-343-8867 or or email me: [email protected]. I’d be happy to help.