6 Reasons to Adopt a Pure Water Clean

While many window cleaning professionals understand the benefits of a pure water clean, many have not taken the next step to adopt this high window cleaning technology. For a group of professionals constantly looking for ways to clean better, faster and safer, what does it take to switch to pure water window cleaning?

If you’re not yet utilizing pure water in your high-rise window cleaning jobs, here are six reasons to make the switch.

Reason #1: Enhanced Safety

Did you know there are more than 300 ladder-related deaths and over 130,000 emergency room visits related to ladders each year? Eliminating ladders as often as possible enhances safety measures. A pure water window cleaning system that utilizes an extendable water fed pole keeps professionals on the ground rather than on ladders to reach high-access windows outdoors. This results in fewer on-site accidents and potential lost work time. Reducing the use of ladders and scaffolds also saves on expenses and set-up time.

Reason #2: Longer-lasting Results 

One of the main benefits of using pure water is that it contains no minerals or impurities that can leave streaks or spots on the glass. In fact, water fed window cleaning poles reduce streaking by a whopping 99 percent. This means that when the water evaporates, no residue is left behind, which can help exterior windows stay cleaner for longer periods. For the window cleaning professional, this means better results and increased customer satisfaction.

Reason #3: More Environmentally Friendly

Pure water cleaning doesn’t require soaps and chemical detergents, so this outdoor window cleaning method results in less environmental impact. With pure water cleaning, contaminated water doesn’t leak down to shrubs and other natural features. Compounding this benefit, studies show that sustainability and respect for our planet are especially important to employees and business stakeholders today.

Additionally, using tool accessories such as a window cleaning brush and a pure water cleaning system can reduce the cleaning time required to complete the job and subsequently conserve water.

Reason #4: Reduced Chemical Exposure

According to OSHA, exposure to commercial detergents is potentially toxic and can result in a range of health hazards, including irritation, sensitization, and carcinogenicity over time. In addition, when using cleaning products regularly, they impact air quality. That not only impacts the cleaning professional but also the people who work or visit a facility. Pure water cleaning uses a natural deionization process (reverse osmosis) to remove impurities in the water to forego the use of chemicals during the cleaning process.

Reason #5: Simple to Store and Transport

You can’t replace the ease and convenience of traditional window cleaning tools, especially when cleaning ground-level windows and glass. However, cleaning high-access windows is another story. When using traditional window cleaning tools, the cleaner often uses as many as six to seven different components (e.g., squeegee, towel, bucket, etc.). However, introduce a ladder into the mix, and that’s a lot of components to manage without having your feet on the ground! A pure water system, once assembled, significantly reduces the number of individual components you must manage and transport when working with multi-story buildings.

Is it time to add pure water cleaning to your window washing routine?

If it takes a live demo for you to see how easy it is to use a pure water system and the benefits it delivers, that’s something we can do! Whether we come to you or utilize a virtual demonstration, take the next step to see pure water cleaning in action.

Reach out to Unger Enterprises to learn more about our Pure Water Systems and how we can help you clean better, safer, and faster!

Written By: Unger Enterprises