When I see things like this written on the internet or hear people talk about this particular question, I’ve got to be honest; a part of me cringes. Not because the thought of it scares me or it’s a topic I shy away from; on the contrary, it’s something I’ve always looked at as insignificant.

Why should you worry about what the other guy is doing? Are they the infamous $99.00 person we all read about on social media? Should I let their prices bother me? Are they providing a service or services that I am not? Are they truly that busy where I am not? These are all legitimate concerns, I suppose. I’ve always taken the advice of people in this business who always tell me, “never worry about what the other guy is doing,” and I’ve taken that advice to heart. Does that mean that I do things the right way? Of course not. It’s pretty easy to stay above the competition by just being the best you, you can be.

Provide the best services and the highest quality work you are capable of, and be prompt. But most of all, be a person of your word. When you say something, do it! Follow through. If you focus solely on what your competition is doing, you will lose sight of your own goals and what you need to focus on to make yourself profitable and busy.

You could also take the head-on approach and match their marketing. Put yard signs next to their yard signs. Make sure you always come in just under the bid they are placing. Or, better yet, you could save all that energy and focus on yourself and run your own race. The competition is good. There is plenty of work for everyone. Not every customer is “your customer.” They may like how that guy looks or how they drive Chevy pickup trucks. Although the latter is doubtful because who likes chevy trucks anyway? But in all seriousness, it’s tough to give people the right answer to this question. Each market and each business owner is different. Different personalities, different motivations, and not the very least, different goals for your businesses. I’ve always maintained an even keel when it comes to my competition. I try to keep my prices around the same as others. Granted, some jobs may be easier for me than for them. I may be a faster, more efficient window cleaner than them or have better gear than theirs, which will make my price higher or lower than theirs; who knows? It’s a crapshoot most of the time.

The best way to stay above the competition is by doing these things.

Keep up on the latest technology and clean in the most effective and efficient ways possible. Make sure you always give prompt estimates. Don’t wait for the other guy to get their first. Always try to be first.

Provide the best possible service YOU can provide. Be polite and courteous. A little honey will always attract bees. And try and “look” the part.

Be as professional looking and acting as you can be. Always be fair with your scheduling and prices. I’ve always followed those guidelines, and it has done me well so far. Set yourself apart from the competition by being the best YOU, you can be, and all the chips will fall where they are supposed to.

Good luck hope you all have windows aplenty and bank accounts overflowing.