Surviving the Frost


How to Overcome Winter’s Icy Grip on the Window Cleaning Industry and Emerge Victorious!


When winter’s icy grip tightens, the window cleaning industry often finds itself wrestling with a metaphorical freeze. This seasonal slump can be as tough to tackle as any frosted-over windowpane.

Questions arise: How do we maintain momentum in the chilly season? How can we retain those key players who have significantly contributed to our business over the past year and add more cheer to our earnings?

With over thirty years of experience in the industry, I’ve weathered the harshest and mildest of winters! Mild winters naturally keep our team engaged, but what’s the game plan when the thermometer takes a nosedive?

Allow me to let you in on some of my trade secrets!

Rule Number One: 

“You gotta be proactive during the year to set your company up for success in the winter!”


When we talk about being proactive, what images surface?

Ensuring your truck or van’s oil is in check. Guaranteeing your deionized water filters are producing pristine water. Confirm that your window cleaning supplies are adequately stocked.

I wager that these actions top your weekly to-do lists!

But where does sales come in? What came first: the chicken or the egg? The summer or the winter?

It all boils down to your perspective!

In my view, winter takes precedence!

Rule Number Two:

“Drive your winter like it’s the middle of summer!”

Indeed, you interpreted that right!


Many of you approach spring and summer like cruising on a highway! Yet, when winter rolls around, you wander like an abandoned puppy searching for leftovers!


You gotta flip it! IN FACT – you should have your foot on the pedal all year long!  


Rule Number Three:  

“You Gotta Be Consistent Like The Sun And The MOON!

Success is born of consistency, and it only pays off if you put in the work!

How frequently do you solicit referrals? How often do you check the oil levels in your truck? What’s your daily count of cold calls? Have you inspected your ladders to ensure they’re still sturdy?

As window cleaners, we all relish the satisfaction of gliding a squeegee across glass! It boosts our contentment levels, and the ensuing rush of endorphins makes us feel elated!

However, suppose you’re not consistently prospecting, seeking referrals, or performing tasks that guarantee your winter success. In that case, you’ll miss out on that euphoric sensation!

Winter: The Premier Season – It Holds the Top Spot for a Reason!


My approach diverges notably from the norm. If you were to conduct a personal evaluation of me, you’d discover that I am proactive, consistent, and highly disciplined.

I go into winter like it’s the start of the race, and imagine every day like a mile. Since we are running a 365 mile marathon, I am breaking it down into a 91 day pace line. I’m doing the same things in winter as in spring. And then I keep the pace going into summer and then push into the final fall stretch.  

However, once I cross the finish line, the preceding year becomes a memory in my rearview mirror. I keep my foot firmly on the accelerator as I go into my next 365 mile marathon!

What’s Your View Through The Icy Window Pane?


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Winter is coming! Are you ready?