Hi, my name is Louis. My company is Visual Window Cleaning, out of Jefferson City, MO. Our slogan is ‘The Visual Difference.’ 

I started cleaning in 1991 but had some setbacks. I jumped into my friend’s company, was trained, and did route work at first. Then in 2015, I was hospitalized and put in a nursing home. After four months, I called my sister and said, “I’m out front in my wheelchair. I’m checking myself out.”  

Two years later, I went out and made 65 bucks! Yes, I’m back! What helped me push on was my Faith in God, Jesus Christ, and many other inspiring folks. Martial arts training also really helped. The six-hour test I took was multiple fights and very demanding, doing all the moves and katas repeatedly. It taught me to bust through, regardless of the pain. Yeah, I had busted ribs, my face beat to crap, and my shoulder was knocked out while fighting. I popped it back in place with the help of the instructor and finished with a knockout of two others. So, hit hard and never ever surrender to pain or any other setback. Help others as best you can with a brotherly mindset.