Good Vs. Great…And how you can be great!

Owning a window cleaning business is complicated sometimes.  I mean, running ANY small business is.  What do you think the difference is between a really awesome window cleaning company and a so-so one?  We’ve all met business owners or talked shop with someone, and they just seem to have it all together.  “Why is their company five times as big as mine if they’ve been around less time?” It can be frustrating sometimes. Most people go right to the excuses they can’t change to make themselves feel better.  I mean, they’re in a better market, right?  They had more start-up money, I bet. Oh, it’s because we are more of a specialty company.  


Business is a science, and there are so many sides to it. Have you ever noticed that the longer someone is in business, the more stuck in their ways they are? I sure have. Some people just do it the way they’re comfortable.  That shouldn’t be you. You need to ALWAYS be changing and always be better. Don’t go stagnant. 

Here are a few ways to do that:

  • Split test.  I know, I know.  This is a SUPER expensive thing to do the right way.  If you’re not split testing, you’re just hoping you hit the nail on the head with the first try with your ads.  Never say, “XYZ ads don’t work for me.” You’re not going to strike gold on your first try like that.  Those ads do work for you, but the ad needs to be good.  Those succeeding are split-testing everything; ads, marketing, website, and anything else.  It’s the only way to see what the market will love and what will fall flat.  The reason people don’t do it is they get blinded by pride.  Someone will make something and say, “Wow, that is awesome!” but never ask for others’ opinions.  That is the fastest way to underperform.
  • Always be better. So back to the part about being stuck in your ways; you want to make sure that if there is a new technology or way of doing things, you at least try.  I know some companies that are still not using email or don’t even have a website.  If that is you, it’s time to update!  Some of us are old enough to either be the ones or remember those who said, “I will never text. I don’t get it; just pick up the phone.” Look at us now.  Not even trying the new stuff is the quickest way to be passed up. You are reading a magazine for window cleaners.  Maybe you have listened to my podcast (WCR Nation). Perhaps you are even in the FB groups for window cleaners.  You are ALWAYS learning.  Just because something is new doesn’t mean it’s better, but it’s all worth a try. Remember, dinosaurs die.
  • ABS.  Always Be Selling.  In the great VS the good comparison, there is quite a difference in the ABS.  The good get busy and back off the sales.  They get overwhelmed and a bit frazzled.  They are TOO BUSY to advertise, hire, or fill in the blank.  But the great?  Nope. If the phone is ringing, they increase their ad spend.  They are calling their existing customers to get them on the schedule. They are always selling. There is no better time to sell than when you are busy.  Add customers and grow your staff to work it.  The most challenging problem in business is needing more work.  Once you get it, the rest is easy; well, easier, at least.  You need a marketing calendar, and you need to stick to it.  You need to be out there constantly selling your company.  I know companies with entire sales staff, always calling, always door knocking, and always getting new and existing clients to spend.  That is what the great do.
  • There is no such thing as growing too fast.  There is only growth without control.  You can walk a bull if you have a good grip on the leash.  The only time that you can grow too fast is when you are growing and not handling the structure side.  Great companies grow fast because they’re always selling and can keep everything on task.  Hiring, trucks, and gear; everything is handled as they grow.  They invest in the structure of the company.  A town will have no traffic issues if they have enough road space—the same thing regarding the growth structure.  If you want to strengthen and grow, it starts with structure.

There isn’t something that can’t be done.  The ‘great’ don’t have different customers, or blah, blah, blah.  It’s easy to blame the things we can’t change, but there is so much we can.  Now, please don’t think that you need to grow.  That isn’t the truth.  Only you can decide if you want to do that for your company.  But even if you stay the same size, there is always room to strengthen.  If you don’t think you are great at the moment, you can get there this year!  It’s all up to the amount of hustle you are willing to drop.  It’s all about how active this GREAT you will be.