I was asked if I would write an article about growth. And as I’m sure, somewhere within these pages, someone has written about your growth as a business, a business owner, and so forth.  I wanted to discuss how our industry has grown over the last ten years and, in particular, how it’s grown within the last five years. The growth I want to speak about is more focused on technology and how people are now cleaning windows. Almost gone are the days of the cheaply made aluminum poles that are bent within the first few months of use. Most balked at the mere mention of a carbon fiber traditional pole for window cleaning. Cleaners of all walks said they would be, “ too expensive and nobody will use those.” Now just about everyone carries one except with the exception of a few manufacturers. However, I don’t think it will be long before the larger, especially the “big two” will have an offering as well.  

Technology has come a long way. Our poles are better, our squeegee handles are better,  products like the Moerman Excelerator have also changed the way people clean glass. Even simple modifications once overlooked, like holes worn into the ends of our mop sleeves have been addressed by innovators like Richie Blue with the Handy Sleeve and his line of mop covers, almost completely doing away with that age-old problem. Even our legs are dry now  because of innovations like the “ Tip Jar,” aka the Silencer. A tool that other manufactures ran with after seeing. The growth is amazing actually. How quickly, in a short period of time, things have gotten better. Pure water technology has made leaps and bounds with the way it’s made and delivered to the ends of your light carbon fiber poles, scrubbing windows clean with better and better brushes. 

Even the way we plan our schedules and book and bill our clients has changed astronomically with emails and digital billing. Advertising your services has never been easier; it’s right at your fingertips. Whether it’s showing off your talents on Instagram with before and after, or taking to TikTok to show potential clients the skill in which you do what you do, everything has grown. Ordering supplies at the click of a button. There’s growth all around us. It’s a pretty neat time we are all a part of; all the innovations and communication with peers. Input how tools are made and the needs of the end user things look bright! And I expect there to be even more growth in technology and equipment, but also as a community. I got to say in all honesty, I’m pretty stoked to witness it and also contribute to that growth. In order to evolve in any endeavor, growth is needed. Don’t be afraid to try out new things. Try a new tool. Go out and give something another try, maybe things have changed or grown into a better product? Hope you all have a season full of…..well growth of course!