Getting Ready For Growth – Part 2

For many, the year is off to a rocking start as we enter the Summer season. Hi, it’s Jim DuBois with, with another article designed to move the needle a little further in your business.

This month, we’re continuing the conversation to create a solid business foundation to secure growth. We will be counting down 5 important lessons I have learned in my business over the years:

1.) Negativity Is Passé

Many window cleaners with employees still wholeheartedly believe in maintaining a “high-pressure” work environment. They are convinced that stressed workers are more productive, and many cite the need for new employees to “pay their dues.” 

This is a critical mistake. 

Unhappy workers are 12% less productive than happy workers, are much more prone to absenteeism due to stress-related illness, and are infinitely likelier to quit than happy workers. 

It’s also much harder to hire if your company is known for facilitating a toxic work environment. 

My company wants our employees to feel cared for, supported, and respected so they can do their best work. And so should you.

TIP: As of this writing – we have not lost one residential employee (out of 24) in over a year. This is primarily due to our carefully-crafted Retention System (if you want to learn more about this, book a call with me below…).

Ensuring our organization does not tolerate toxic workplace practices and communication styles has brought our staff retention rates to all-time highs. We have also seen increased productivity levels and better ROI from each employee. It stems from employees being excited to come to work every day and doing their best – versus “having” to come to work. Read that again!

So don’t be so sure that having a “high-pressure” work environment is helping your organization. It’s damaging it in the long run.

2.) There’s No Room for Ego in Business

This one can trip up even the most seasoned window cleaning business owners — especially ones that started their businesses from scratch. Entrepreneurs often get used to the “old way” of doing things. They were, at one point, in charge of many things that didn’t necessarily have to do with their job as “CEO”. 

Then, when they hire the right people to take over those tasks, they have difficulty letting go of the control they previously held. This was me 100%.

This can lead to “CEOs” micromanaging their employees and, by extension, inhibiting their productivity. 

You, interfering with their work and butting in where you don’t belong, will only slow them down and limit the quality of work they can do. 

Your Exercise: Look at yourself in the mirror, identify one area in your business where you micro-manage, and then “let go” of it this week. 

3.) We’re More Than The Sum Of Our Parts

In today’s competitive work environment, company culture matters more than ever. It’s the foundation that builds solid, amicable employee relations across the board. 

At Squeegee Pros (my company), we’re proud of our positive company culture. With 26 years under our belt, which included the challenges of the market crashing in 2008 and the Corona Virus, you can bet this didn’t happen overnight. With trial and error and outstanding leadership, we’ve fine-tuned some critical elements of a company culture that fosters respect, productivity, integrity, and company loyalty. 

Your Exercise: Look at your company’s culture and identify your weaknesses. Then give yourself three things you can do to strengthen them with a target date.

4.) Great Teams Need Great Leaders

Businesses can only have great teams with great leaders. It’s next to impossible to have one without the other. 

We learned that the best way to have great leaders who build great teams is to let them do their jobs. 

Instead of constantly delegating — empower your leaders. While your leaders should always respect the chain of command, giving leeway to lead helps build better teams and stronger leaders. 

5.) Stars Shine Brighter When They Are Visible

Employee recognition is essential to our company culture. We believe every employee should be recognized for a job well done (whether in the spotlight daily or working diligently behind the scenes).

A job well done deserves to be recognized, no matter how big or small.

Your Exercise: Implement a Recognition Program for all positions in your company. Set a target completion date.

These are some strategies my coaching clients and I stay focused on. And boy, does it make a positive difference in growth. It will do the same for you!

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