What’s up, everyone? Time for another edition of “Ask T Squeegee,” where you send in questions, and I answer them.  

With that said, I’m going in a different direction this month and sharing a little story. Since I started my company roughly seven years ago, I’ve not stepped away for more than a  weekend. I know, right? Why work for yourself and not have more time for “yourself”? I’ve always found it hard to say no when I get a phone call. I’ll go after that phone call and bid said job, and if I get it, I will “squeeze it in.” I always find the time to get that extra job in.

But rarely have taken the time to stop and smell the roses.

Although I know the hustle is important, I’ve recently discovered that taking some time away is just as important. I wasn’t enjoying my work day anymore. Everything had become a task. Where before, I was upbeat and happy to be on the glass working for myself, growing, and providing the life I’ve always wanted for myself and my family. Which is amazing!

However, the work had driven a wedge into that. Maybe I was burnt out. Maybe I should say no and set aside time to go somewhere. Turn my phone off and let voicemail answer it. Enjoy the fruit of my labors. And most of all, BREATHE. So I told myself, “end of July, I’m not doing anything for a week that involves work, glass a squeegee.” And I did it. I enjoyed myself for a change and took time to look where I am at. I know plenty of you reading this probably do this regularly, but some of us out here haven’t smartened up enough yet to do so. We did the classic family road trip to all the tourist traps we could fit into 12 days. Rock and Roll hall of fame, State Parks, Museums, a theme park, and even went to the world’s only Mothman Museum. (Which was super awesome, by the way, and worth every penny I spent in the gift shop) But what I found when I got back on the glass was the work was still there, my mind was clear, and I was enjoying my work like I hadn’t in a long time. I mean yea who wouldn’t want to not ever work? But if you’re going to have to, why not enjoy what you do? You can enjoy something, and it becomes a monster you can’t pull yourself out of its jaws.

 A lesson I’m glad I learned, even if it was a little late. With fall just around the corner, if you haven’t taken some time to rest, reset, and clear your mind, I can’t urge you enough to do it! Time is worth way more than money in the grand scheme of things. Enjoy the family life a little. Go somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. I can’t recommend that enough. Best thing I ever did and I’m already planning the next one. Hope this inspires someone like me that has a hard time stepping away for a moment. Best of luck and Squeegee On!


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