From Desk Jockey to Squeegee Slinger

I started my exterior cleaning company with a business partner in June 2020 after deciding I wanted to 1) not sit at a desk the rest of my life, 2) be more than a cog in the corporate machine, and 3) have a purpose in my work. After getting laid off from my full-time job in September, I decided to dive completely into owning my own business.

Over the next 2 1/2 years, I bought out my business partner, added window cleaning to my existing pressure washing services, and had a couple of helpers and 1 full-time (now former) employee. I’m currently looking to hire and get back off the truck to focus on providing a better customer experience, forming connections, and providing a great work environment opportunity for young people to work in.

Facebook ads, bandit signs, and local micro social media influencer relationships have been the biggest revenue drivers in my business. Uploading the new logo, getting the van wrapped, and ordering new uniforms in January 2023 completed my vision for branding.

I’m looking forward to getting a new employee out on their own and nearly doubling revenue this year. I have missed several leads from being in the field and want to serve potential clients at a higher level. The only possible way to meet the demand in our area is with a team surrounding me that can cover my weaknesses.

I sincerely appreciate all that the window cleaning community, WCR, the WCR Nation podcast, Jersey, Steve O, and many others have done to help me get my business where it is today.I wouldn’t be nearly so far along if it weren’t for all the help from those who have been where I want to go!